Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Technology & Reclaiming Our House

I am in love with new technology! I just got a new keyboard for my iPad and I'm in love!! I am using it now and hope this will inspire me to post for often. The simple of things of being comfortable helps in more ways than you will ever know. Kinda like me HATING jeans... not going to lie I would live in yoga pants if I could and I bet I would be more productive if I could!! :)

So for other news... our house is off the market! We are thankful that we went through the process and learned a lot about ourselves along the way. We have realized that what we have is great and we want to make it ours. Of course we would love to have all the money in the world to buy land and build a Gibbs/Mehl/Hix Family compound! :) We would all live close and have fun everyday.... but you know what we already have that! The times we get to spend time together are more special because we don't see each other everyday...We have our space and we don't complain about driving to and from. We are good and very happy & thankful for what we have!!

Parker Update: He is doing GREAT!! It's mid October and knock on wood he hasn't been sick since he had his new tubes put in and his adenoids removed in late August! He really has been healthy and just a runny nose here and there. He talks non-stop! Here are the funny things he is saying right now...

- If you sneeze, he asks "You ok??" (tilts his head and looks up)
- He wants everything so he says, "I hab-it?"
- He says "Peek-e-boo!"
- He can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- He will grab a bucket and say, "I leaving you mommy!"
- He will ask you to stay in a room and then he says, "Right back, stay!"

He will repeat anything you say! So we have to very careful how we word things. He loves animals and can now identify lots of them. He has a pillow case that Grandma Terry made that has animals on it like Zebras, Dinosaurs, Lions & Monkeys. He loves them all.

Another reason we are happy to stay in Grove City is that we love his daycare. We feel so blessed to have started him there. He has actually been there a year this month. He has grown and developed so well. The teachers and kids love him and he loves them all even more! :) It makes us feel good to have him somewhere we trust and that he is thriving. He makes us cute things like this too! :)

He will also now eat just about ANYTHING! He loves grapes. Today we had to make a special trip to the store since we have been out for a few days. Melt downs have happened due to not having grapes!

I know long post right!?! I love this new keyboard!! We are really enjoying life right now and all of the surprises each day brings. We (I) take tons of pictures of Parker and the family everyday. I am trying to figure out the best way to share and store my photos. Since our home computer is on the fritz I don't really edit or store pics there anymore so not sure. Hoping to have a solution in the next year or so. I love to have my pics organized so I can easily find them and share. Just rambling now but here are some more pics! :) Parker is 21 months old here...

Daddy reading to Parker before bed...


Keegan and Parker at the park...

Uncle Jimmy reading to Parker (matching hats required)

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