Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parker is 14 months old!

Our little boy is growing up so fast! We had been concerned because he wasn't taking to finger foods like we thought he should. The doctor told us not to worry and if he wasn't doing better by 15 months we would talk then. I was also scared for weaning him off the bottle and onto a sippy cup. Well, all our fears are now gone! He is now eating finger food like a champ and he has been on a sipppy cup since the beginning of 2012! He wanted to ring in the new year with some new tricks. We are very thankful that it came on his time and he is doing great! Here are some of his favorite foods right now...

- Cheerios
- Puffies
- Scrambled eggs
- Popcorn
- Corn Twisties (special gift from Uncle Frank)
- Honeydew Melon
- Cantaloupe
- Toast
- Mac & Cheese
- Loves to drink milk and water!

His personality is so strong and he is learning so much. It's amazing to see him respond to directions. He picks and chooses what he listens to but he does respond! :) His big words are daddy, momma, DOG, baby (we think this is for his milk) and Ohhh. When people come to visit or when we get home from work he runs to the laundry room to greet you at the door. Oh, yes he is running. Ok, maybe more of a fast waddle but he can move so quickly.

We are loving every minute of watching him grow into a toddler. We are so thankful for our friends and family who help us through. We love you all very much! Enjoy the pics! :)

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