Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Schedules...

When talking about Parker (which is a lot) I am often asked, who does he stay with during the day?
We are lucky enough to say that he spends most days with his Daddy, some afternoons with Grandma and Mommy the rest of the time.
Here is how it goes (most weeks)
Monday - Ray off
Tuesday - Ray off
Wednesday - Grandma Terry over at 3:30,
Ray at work 4-9pm,
Leslie home by 5:30pm
Thursday - Leslie work from home, Ray works 8 hour shift
Friday - see Wed schedule :)
Saturday/Sunday - Ray works 8 hours

We are VERY lucky to have the opportunity to be with Parker as much as possible and we are still able to work full-time. Parker loves having his time with each person as well has his "family" time. Ray is so good with Parker and is such a wonderful dad. I never worry, ok so maybe I worry about Ray not waking up to Parker's cries but I am getting over that, about whether or not Parker is being taken care of or loved. They are so darn cute together!!

I love having my mommy time and then my work time. I feel like superwomen (most days) when I can have a good day at work and then come home and have a great night at home. I am also pumping three times a day at work so I also feel very rewarded that I can provide enough milk for the next days feedings. Don't get me wrong, it can be VERY stressful working full-time and then coming home to another full-time job but Parker and Ray make it all worth it! We are also so blessed to have such a great support system in place. We love our family and friends so very much! Our life can be crazy at times but we are enjoying the ride.

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