Thursday, July 15, 2010

Due Date moved...

Well, my due date has been moved up a week so we have skipped right over 20 weeks and are now 21 weeks! Our visit to the high risk doctor went very well. Baby Boy Gibbs looks happy and healthy. He weights 1 lb 1 oz! He was moving around and putting his hands down by his "junk"!

We have confirmed that he is still a boy!

You can see that his mouth is open
We are very blessed to have a healthy baby growing and developing on schedule. Each day is spent being over joyed with the new and exciting future we cannot predict. Ray has been able to feel him kick. We lay in bed at night and poke and prod until we can get him to react. We both smile from ear to ear and take it all in. I promise to post some new belly pics soon. Until then have a great weekend and be safe! Love you all!

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